• Double Sided Tissue Tape
  • Double sided tissue tape is a kind of double-sided tape created by applying a thin adhesive layer to two sides of tissue paper, which is then wounded with a piece of siliconed paper to prevent it from sticking to itself.

    Item# Specification Packing MEAS(cm)
    W39417 12mmX18yX90mic 1rl/blister card,144rls/ctn 33.5×23×31.5
    W39418 12mmX18yX90mic 1rl/blister card,120rls/ctn 44×30.5×31.5
    W39419 12mmX18yX90mic 1rl/shrink,144rls/ctn 33.5×23×31.5
    W39420 12mmX18yX90mic 1rl/shrink,144rls/ctn 33.5x23x31.5
    W39421 18mmX12yX90mic 8rls/shrink,96rls/ctn 33.5x23x31.5
    W39422 18mmX12yX90mic 1rl/blister card,72rls/ctn 44x30.5x31.5
    W39423 18mmX12yX90mic 1rl/shrink,96rls/ctn 33.5x23x31.5
    W39424 18mmX12yX90mic 1rl/shrink,96rls/ctn 33.5x23x31.5
    W39425 24mmX20yX90mic 8rls/shrink,72rls/ctn 33.5x23x31.5
    W39426 24mmX20yX90mic 1rl/blister card,72rls/ctn 44x30.5x31.5
    W39427 24mmX20yX90mic 1rl/shrink,72rls/ctn 33.5x23x31.5
    W39428 24mmX20yX90mic 1rl/shrink,72rls/ctn 33.5x23x31.5

    If you are looking for other tape products such as BOPP packing tape, PVC electrical tape, masking tape, rainbow tape, we at Deli Stationery can help you with your tape needs. Please contact us today for more detailed information.

  • Double Sided Foam Tape
  • Double sided foam tape is a kind of pressure sensitive tape coated with adhesive on each side. It is designed to mount lightweight items such as mirrors, signs, hooks, etc. This double sided tape usually is not visible in the end product, and can be peeled away without leaving any residue.

    Item# Specification Thickness(um) Packing MEAS(cm)
    W39400 12mmx20m 120 1/20/120rolls 36x25x27
    W39401 12mmx40m 120 1/20/120rolls 43.5x30x27
    W39402 12mmx20m 100 1/20/120rolls 35.5x24.5x27
    W39403 12mmx40m 100 1/20/120rolls 42.5x29x27
    W39404 12mmx20m 90 1/20/120rolls 35.5x24.5x27
    W39405 12mmx40m 90 1/20/120rolls 42.5x29x27
    W39406 12mmx20m 100 1/1/120cards 35.5x24.5x27.5
    W39407 12mmx40m 100 1/1/120cards 42.5x29x27.5
    W39408 12mmx20m 90 1/1/120cards 35.5x24.5x27.5
    W39409 12mmx40m 90 1/1/120cards 42.5x29x27.5
    W39410 12mmx20m 90 1/1/120cards 35.5x24.5x27.5
    W39411 12mmx40m 90 1/1/120cards 42.5x29x27.5

    Besides double sided foam tape, we also provide other tape products like BOPP packing tape, paper packaging tape, aluminum foil tape, stationery tape, and more. These products are very popular with worldwide customers, as they are reliable, economical and easy to use.
    We invite customers to contact for more product information.

  • Stationery Tape
  • Stationery tape, which is also called cellophane tape or sticky tape, is the tape that is commonly used by office workers. Deli Stationery is a stationery tape provider in China. Our stationery tape is reliable, low priced, and is typically used to repair torn paper, put together posters, seal envelopes, arts and crafts, etc.

    Item: 30011-30079

    No. Specification Packing Meas
    30011 12mm/14y 1/12/1080 35X25X32.5 cm
    30012 12mm/16y 1/12/1080 36X25.5X32.5cm
    30013 12mm/18y 1/12/840 29X26X32.5 cm
    30014 12mm/20y 1/12/840 30X26.5X32.5 cm
    30015 12mm/30y 1/12/840 33X29X32.5 cm
    30061 18mm/14y 1/8/720 36.5X27X32.5 cm
    30062 18mm/16y 1/8/720 37X26X32.5 cm
    30063 18mm/18y 1/8/560 30X27X32.5 cm
    30064 18mm/20y 1/8/560 30.5X27.5X32.5 cm
    30065 18mm/30y 1/8/560 33.5X30X32.5 cm
    30028 12mm/15m 1/6/960 38X24X35.5 cm
    30029 12mm/18m 1/6/960 39.5X25X35.5 cm
    30078 18mm/15m 1/4/640 39.5X25X35.5cm
    30079 18mm/18m 1/4/640 40.5X26X35.5 cm

    As an ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 certified company in China, we at Deli Stationery are able to provide high quality products to global customers. In order to suit each of our customer's needs, we offer a great array of office supplies, such as notebook, paper shredder, calculator, glue stick, carton sealer, and so on.
    If you do not find the product you are looking for, we can customize our office supplies according to your specific requirements.

  • Rainbow Tape
  • Rainbow tape is a creative tool for the classroom, office and home. It is suitable for learning games and provides projects with easy clean-up. Unlike common clear tape, rainbow tape comes in a variety of colors.

    Item: W39371

    Item W39371
    Specification 12mmX20yX40mic
    Packing 12rolls/shrink,840rolls/ctn
    Carton size. 30x26.5x35.5cm

    Item: W39374

    Item W39374
    Specification 18mmX20yX40mic
    Packing 12rolls/shrink,330rolls/ctn
    Carton size. 30x26.5x35.5cm

    Deli Stationery is a rainbow tape manufacturer in China. In addition to our wide range of tape products, we also offer customers various kinds of whiteboard, paper products, calendar shelf, painting articles, among others. As our products are reliable, durable, environment friendly, and easy to use, they have gained an increasing popularity with customers from Japan, the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Britain, Germany, Italy, France, South Africa, and more.
    For more details about our office supplies, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.


Tape refers to a long narrow strip of material coated with adhesive that is used for sticking things together. As an experienced tape manufacturer and supplier in China, we at Deli Stationery provide many types of adhesive tape, including BOPP packing tape, paper packaging tape, PVC electrical tape, and aluminum foil tape. To meet each of customer's needs, we also offer cloth tape, masking tape, double sided tissue tape, and double sided foam tape for customers to choose from.

Since our foundation in 1988, we have consistently aimed to provide customers with high quality and economically priced office supplies. Thanks to our continued efforts over the past years, now we can offer quality whiteboard, calendar shelf, correction tape and clip box etc. with stylish design at cost effective prices. Currently our products are in great demand by customers in the USA, Australia, Russia, Britain, Germany, Italy, France, South Africa, to name a few.
For any inquiries you have about our office supplies, please contact us by phone or email.

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