Digital Cash Counter
Deli Digital Cash Counter
Deli is an office supply manufacturer in China. We mainly provide office supplies such as pocket calculator, paper shredder and adhesives. The picture shown left is our digital cash counter. If you click the icons below this picture, you will find other related products. They can meet your different needs in office, school or at home. Welcome to choose! Thanks!

Digital Cash Counter

-- Office Appliance (Commercial Machines)

Features of Digital Cash Counter:
1. Accurate machine construction: smooth and easy cash counting.
2. Our cash counter has the function of failure self-diagnostics and failure alarming.
3. Automatic start and stop cash counting. auto-reset etc..
4. Deli cash counter can precise differentiate the counterfeit money.
5. Automatic recognition of the value of cashes.
6. Out-displaying screen is equipped: the front display and side display are both available.

Applications of Digital Cash Counter:
This kind of office product can be used in banks, restaurants and hotels etc..

As an office supplies provider, Deli can provide a wide range of commercial machines and others office supplies.

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