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A self adhesive label is an adhesive label designed to be affixed to another larger piece of paper or other objects. The front of the self adhesive label is typically made from paper sheet, thin film, or other special material, and the back of the label is a composite material which is coated with adhesive and silicone paper. When using the self adhesive label, you just need to peel the label from the bottom paper and press it onto the surface of other objects. Besides, labeling machines can be used in the production line for automatic labeling.

Compared to traditional labels, self adhesive labels are pollution free, easy to use, require no paste, no gluing, and can be applied to all materials which common paper labels are unfit for.

Commonly used self adhesive labels contain medicine labels, food labels, wine labels, battery labels, carton labels, shampoo labels, barcode labels, and so on.
1. Film based self adhesive labels: decorative decals for automobile, motorcycle; highway reflective film; markings on the container.
2. Variable information labels: batch number, order number, bar code, production date, period of validity, price, as well as distribution, warehouse management and inventory data.

Item: 7187

Item: 7187
Specification 23x49mmx6PC
Packing 12pcs/bag \100bags\600bags
MEAS. 40x36x23.5cm
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