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Carbon Paper

Descriptions of Carbon Paper
1. Our carbon paper can duplicate-write on 5 pieces of paper at one time: the handwriting is clear and easy to be recognized. 2. And one position of the carbon paper can be write on for 15 times. and the handwriting is still clear.
3. Two pieces of red carbon paper are available in 100 pieces of carbon paper.
4. Special chemicals are added, so it can keep for a long time.

Carbon Paper
-- Office Appliance (Paper Supplies)

Item: 9370-9378

I/NO Specification Packing Meas. Color
9370 185x85mm(48K) 100pcs/box5boxes/100boxes 41x21x27.5cm
9372 85x220mm(38K) 100pcs/box5boxes/100boxes 40.5x25x27.5cm
9373 110x215mm(32K) 100pcs/box\5boxes/100boxes 50.5x24.5x27.5cm
9374 127.5x185mm(32K) 100pcs/box\5boxes/100boxes 41.5x29.5x27.5cm
9375 255x185mm(16K) 100pcs/box\5boxes/50boxes 41x28x27.5cm
9376 340x220mm(12K) 100pcs/box\5boxes/25boxes 36.5x25x27.5cm
9378 255x370mm(8K) 100pcs/box\5boxes/25boxes 40x28.5x27.5cm
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