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Fax Paper

As a China office supply wholesaler and manufacturer, Deli Stationery mainly provides pocket calculator, paper shredder and adhesives. The picture shown left is our fax paper. If you click the icons below this picture, you will find other related products. They can meet your different needs in office, school or at home. Welcome to choose! Thanks!

Fax Paper
-- Office Appliance (Paper Supplies)

Descriptions of Fax Paper
Our fax paper is made out of imported raw material. All fax papers are in high quality and provided at low price.

Item: 7721-7722-7723-7724

I/NO Specification Packing Meas.
7421 210x30m 1/12/48 45.5x35x25cm
7422 216x30m 1/12/48 46x36x25.5cm
7423 210x20m 1/24/72 61.5x31.5x25cm
7424 210x27.4m(30) 1/12/48 46.5x35.5x25cm
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