Deli Notebook
Deli is an office supply manufacturer in China. We mainly provide office supplies such as pocket calculator, paper shredder and adhesives. The picture shown left is our notebook. If you click the icons below this picture, you will find other related products. They can meet your different needs in office, school or at home. Welcome to choose! Thanks!


-- Office Appliance (Paper Products)

Descriptions of Leather Facing Notebook and Soft-covering Notebook::
1. PVC material covering. bamboo paper is adopted as the raw material of notebook.
2. Helix rings are made of hard steel wire.
3. Notebooks can be laid flat to 180 degree.
4. Non-proliferation of ink;

Deli paper supplies include notebook, notepad, sticky note, duplicating paper, fax paper and carbon paper etc. As an office supplies manufacturer, we can also provide a wide range of other stationeries. Welcome to choose our office products.

Related Products
    1. Notepad
    2. » Notepad 1. Material: imported PP material. Pure wood pulp paper.
      2. Note paper boxes are also available: transparent box or sky blue box.
    1. Stick Note
    2. » Stick Note 1. All sticky notes are yellow.
      2. Our sticky notes can stick for more than 20 times.
      3. No trace will be leaved on objects.