Deli Whiteboard
Our company is a China office supply manufacturer. We mainly provide office supplies such as pocket calculator, paper shredder and adhesives. The picture shown left is our whiteboard. If you click the icons below this picture, you will find other related products. They can meet your different needs in office, school or at home. Welcome to choose! Thanks!


-- Office Appliance (Office products)

Descriptions of White Board:
1. Whiteboard is a kind of essential supplies.
Deli, as a office supplies manufacturer, can also provide lots of whiteboard accessories: whiteboard frame, whiteboard marker and whiteboard eraser etc.
2. Plastic whiteboard frame, MDF whiteboard frame, wooden and aluminium whiteboard frame can all be provided.

Specifications of Whiteboard:
300*450mm to 12000*18000mm

Deli, a leading office supplies manufacturer, can supply a wide range of office stationeries. Welcome to contact us.

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