• Pencil
  • Item: 7074
    Item 7074
    SPEC 2B
    Packing 1/12/288(10pcs/bag)
    MEAS. 38.5×31.5×34.5cm
  • Mechanical Pencil
  • Item: 7001
    Item 7001
    Specification 0.5mm
    Packing 12/144/1728
    Meas. 38x30.5x29.5cm


A pencil is a writing implement primarily consisting of a core inside a protective casing. The mechanical pencil is similar to a ball point pen in shape and size, but the writing tip usually is of lead. The lead of a mechanical pencil is very thin and sharp, resulting in precise and uniform strokes. Besides, the need for constant sharpening is also eliminated. Hence, the mechanical pencil is a product of choice for architects, draftsman, engineers, and others.

As a Chinese pencil manufacturer with many years of experience, Deli Stationery can provide customers with high quality mechanical pencils at economical prices. In order to satisfy each of our customer's requirement, our mechanical pencils come in a wide array of colors and shapes.

Apart from pencils, we offer customers with many other office supplies, such as pencil sharpener, pen stand, ruler, file cabinet, ball point pen, etc. As a result of their consistent quality and reliability, our products are well received in many countries, like Japan, the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Britain, Germany, to name a few.
Please contact us if you require our products. We are certain our office supplies will meet and exceed your expectations.

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