Gel Pen
  • Gel Pen
  • Item: 6610
    Item 6610
    Specification Black 7pcs, Blue 2pcs, Red 1pcs
    Packing 1/12/144
    Meas. 54x46.5x39cm
  • Item: Item 6697
    Item 6697
    Specification 0.7mm
    Packing 12/144/1728
    Meas. 46.5x31.5x38cm
  • Item: 6616
    Item 6616
    Specification 0.5mm
    Packing 12/144/1728
    Meas. 41.5x33.5x35cm
  • Gel Ink Pen Refill
  • Item: 6901
    Item 6901
    Specification 0.48mm
    Packing 20/240/2880
    Meas. 59.5x38.5x31.5cm

Gel Pen

A gel pen, an writing instrument, uses ink in which pigment is suspended in a water based gel. The ink used in gel pen is very viscous and opaque, which shows up clearly on paper surfaces. Compared with ball point pens, gel pens smudge less and create a border line. Nowadays, gel ink pens are widely used in offices and schools.

Deli Stationery, an experienced gel pen manufacturer in China, provides global customers with reliable and economical gel pen and gel point pen refill. The following are some features of our gel pens:
1. ABS material is adopted to make our gel pen.
2. Imported ink is used to ensure its smoothness and quality.
3. It feels good to hold our gel pen.

Besides our ball pen, we also provide many other office supplies like stapler, paper punch, binder clip, desktop set, pencil case, pen bag, etc.
Whenever you have a need for our products, please contact us immediately. We are ready to serve you.

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